1. Why?

Utility & Challenge

Lock picking is a practical skill, which is useful in a variety of trades and professions. Anyone can lock themselves out, right?

Drilling and cutting is an always an option, however being able to open something that is locked without destroying it is often the preferred method.

The reasons for needing to access a lock can range from the mundane to the exciting.

A firefighter may want to learn how to quickly open locks to avoid kicking down an elderly person’s door — likewise, someone working in IT may need to open a lock on an old server cabinet where the key was long ago lost.

While many people get interested in lock picking for it’s practical applications, their interest is soon grabbed by the technical challenge presented, and the subtleties of solving various locks. Indeed, lock picking is as much art as science, and the personal satisfaction obtained from picking a lock will keep you coming back for more.

Is it legal?

Picking a lock, in and of itself, is generally legal. In most US states, possession of lock picking tools is only a crime if you are using them to commit a crime. Similar to how having a hacksaw is perfectly fine right until you decide to use it to steal your neighbor’s bike.

Common sense applies — research your local laws before taking any chances. If you’re still in school, or even college, tread lightly practicing your new hobby. Your institution may not have rules against having lock picking tools, but it’s likely they’ll find a way to get you in trouble if it’s discovered you have them.